The Role of the Innovative Tourism Cluster in the Northern Great Plain Region

 The objective of "The Formation of the Innovative Tourism Cluster" project, developed by Szolnok College, is to encourage the co-operation between the College, tourism enterprises, tourist organisations, tourist institutions and the local economic actors in the form of a cluster. The centre of the cluster is Szolnok.
It is desirable that the formed cluster should provide opportunities for a significant increase in the competitiveness of tourism enterprises operating in the target area of the project (the Northern Plain Region). It is also necessary that, through the activities of the cluster, partnership-based networking and co-operation emerge between Szolnok College and the members. This networking is able to serve the needs of the economic actors in this particular field, and it answers the challenges of the economy as well. Further objectives include the survey of new opportunities for co-operation, the development of joint competitions and R&D projects, the improvement of human resources, the implementation of related trainings, the management of research, development and service operations and co-ordination of common interests. Initially, the cluster included tourism consultancy firms, service providers, information technology and healthcare companies from the three counties of the region, then the number of members has expanded as professional organisations in the field of tourism, rural tourism associations and local governments have joined the cluster.


The cluster also ensures the implementation of the following activities:

  • the support of spin-off and start-up enterprises and their integration into the cluster
  • trends research, the survey of facilities, building international relations
  • the operation of a benchmarking club
  • the organisation of conferences, study tours, exhibitions and business meetings
  • the creation of a cluster-related database and, based on this database, extensive provision of information for the members of the cluster
  • marketing, market analysis and market research activities, the creation of a common image, the production of PR and advertising materials, the survey of needs
  • the promotion of joint procurement and services

Following the formation, after at least one-year successful operation, there will be an opportunity to expand the cluster through competitions and with the help of relations. In the coming period, the cluster is expected to be viable on a commercial basis as well, which will contribute considerably to the improvement of the economy in the Northern Plain Region.

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